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Black Powder, Second edition, Release

It´s done: Black Powder 2

Today, I received the package I’ve been looking forward to most for a long time: Warlord Games‘ package with the new Black Powder 2 by Rick Priestley.301010003-Black-Powder-2-standard-edition-rulebook-Mockup

First impression

The first impression is more than convincing. The cover looks better than I thought. Why just the little Korse Bonaparte must be on the cover picture (in the regular edition) I do not understand. But hey, I think that was a marketing decision. The Napoleonic Wars are simply the most popular era of the Black Powder era. At least the prevented first emperor of Europe is well staged. No matter, the cover picture looks really great!


No summer without mosquitoes

At the first glance the „shock“: Warlord Games has changed the paper, and unlike the first edition on cheaper paper set. The paper looks good, but is noticeably thinner and less stiff. Not only the feel suffers, it is likely to wear out, which is much worse, faster …
When I look at my first set of rules, I am glad that the paper was absolutely top quality at that time – otherwise the book would look even more tattered today than it already is.


That’s what a book must look like

The first awesome pamphlet immediately catches the eye: The graphic design and the sentence seem to be much more elaborate than the first edition. Warlord Games has invested a lot of work there. Great!
The book is strong 200 pages, and – even if a few pictures are already known from the first set of rules – the book is a feast for the eyes. This time you will not only admire well set miniatures, but also really cool illustrations by Osprey. Fantastic! It’s really fun to just leaf through the book.
At first glance, one can say: everything looks tidier and more structured in the second edition. The graphic design is more elaborate and chic. Unfortunately, the graphic artist seems to have something against italic font styles. I had hoped that the explanatory texts would be regular, and that the essential rules would be in italics. As everyone knows, you find a questionable control point faster during the game … But that’s not bad, because the book has a lot more info boxes and graphs. Excellent.


Significantly better equipped

Although I was unable to discover any skirmish rules when I first looked through the book, the book shows the painfully missing index in the first edition. Very good.
Now I’m even more pleased that Rick Priestley and Warlord Games offer us a second edition of Black Powder.
What else does the book have to offer next to the actual rules and 12 new scenarios (out of different conflicts)? We’ll see that when I’ve put the book through its paces. I’m curious …
By the way: During my studies I will handle the book with kid gloves. The master himself had it in hand to sign it.





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