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Black Powder, second edition

I’m torn. Black Powder, the greatest game system for mass battles, surprisingly receives its second edition. I see it with mixed feelings. For one thing, I’m glad that the topic was not filed. It’s a great thing that Warlord Games Black Powder has not been written off despite its many other projects. On the other hand, my anticipation is limited. Even Mr. Cavatore made it with the second edition of Bolt Action, which is an improvement in itself and offers some advantages in shooting an absolute bullshit (but that’s another story).

So basically I also trust Rick Priestley to incorporate a total nonsense into an absolutely high-quality set of rules.

Well, even the man is. If you have reasonable teammates (which I fortunately have), you can iron out a nonsense with one or two house rules.

As far as I know, unfortunately, the Skirmish rules for Black Powder (actually Hail Caesar) contained in the „shield wall“ extension for Hail Caesar will not be included.
Good that I have already translated them for my group and adapted them for Black Powder.

So, we look forward to a completely successful Black Powder Edition 2! Priestley has made a milestone with Part 1, maybe Part 2 will be even better (is that possible?)!

Oh yes: The first 250 copies of the rulebook are signed by Rick Priestley. Then there is a Collectors Edition with an edition of 250 pieces. These are also delivered signed. However, the Collectors Edition differs only in the binding, which in my opinion does not justify the price of 75 British pounds (huh?) compared to the 30 British pounds for the regular edition (perfectly appropriate) in any way.

I have definitely ordered the regular edition. But I am convinced that there are more than 250 fans who are willing to pay this price of 75 pounds. Good that you have the choice!

If you care about getting the book signed, you should hurry. Today was the start of the sale. I keep my fingers crossed that you still get a signed issue!

A detailed review of the book follows after my vacation in mid-September.

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