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Black Powder: The Last Argument of Kings

Black Powder: The Last Argument of Kings (deutsch)

Warlord Games, soft cover, 112 pages, full-color print

In the Eighteenth Century, the world is in flames. The horrors of the Great War of the Turks (1683-1699) have not been forgotten when, at the beginning of the century, the Great Northern War (1700-1721) and the Spanish War of Succession (1701-1714) shook Europe. And this is how it should last throughout the century: Europe and the colonies (today the United States of America) cannot rest.


For the Hobby Wargaming there are therefore also few periods, such as the Eighteenth Century, that offer such a variety of possible conflicts, armies and scenarios.

Warlord Games has released the Black Powder Supplement The Last Arguments of Kings (TLAoK) for this historically interesting and exciting era of the Horse and Musketeer era.

How to work to write a supplement to a Wargaming rulebook covering a good century of wartime history? Pete Brown, the author of TLAoK, has taken on the challenge.

The 112-page extension band provides background material and scenarios for all relevant events:

  • The Spanish War of Succession (Blenheim 1704)
  • The Great Northern War (Holowczyn 1708)
  • The Austro-Turkish War (Petrovardin 1716)
  • The Austrian War of Succession (Fontenoy 1745)
  • The War of the English Succession (including a campaign for the rebellion of 1745)
  • The Seven Years War (Hundorf 1762)


In two more chapters are treated the French and Indian war and the war in India.

Army lists can be found, for use in Europe, America and India, distributed throughout the book for the British, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Austrian, French, Prussian and Scottish Highland Army. For each army, the reader will find a well-researched, two-page introduction to their organization, armament, equipment, and military doctrines.

Pete Brown has mastered the task. Did I mention that Layout & Set is excellent as with all Warlord games books? Plenty of inspiration is provided by countless atmospheric photos of playing fields and miniatures.

This extension tape really closed a big gap. Players will have everything they need to playfully tap into this important era. Absolute buy recommendation!

Article: The Eighteenth Century with Black Powder

The author commentary by Pete Brown on his supplementary volume can be found here..

Copyright and rights of use of all images: Warlord Games Ltd., http://www.warlordgames.com

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