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18th century – underestimated or unknown?

Which era is played?

Historic Wargaming? Is there, even more than you would expect. As a rule, clubs, and players deal with the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, the Second World War or antiquity (Rome, Gaul, Germania, …).

In German clubs are less frequently represented conflicts such as the First World War or biblical settings.

The Eighteenth Century, however, is really under-represented. That is why one rarely sees games and army projects, for example, the Spanish War of Succession.


Phillip of France proclaims the King of Spain

The Eighteenth Century is very interesting for historical wargaming, but it offers many interesting conflicts with an almost unmanageable number of conflicting parties, such as the Spanish War of Succession, the Great Northern War, the Austro-Turkish War, the Austrian War of Succession, the War of the English Succession or the seven-year war.


The Battle of Denain, 1712

Totally underestimated, or just not known?

The Eighteenth Century really is very interesting for many reasons: First, it offers a huge selection of possible conflict parties with very different and beautiful uniforms, on the other hand, it is strategically and tactically very interesting.


The Battle of Barfleur

Are you curious about the era?

Here’s Warlord Games Supplement for Black Powder: The Last Argument of Kings

The heads of the Spanish War of Succession

Here you can see the depictions of the leading political leaders and generals of the Spanish Succession War.


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