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The citadel is bilingual

The Citadel will celebrate its fourth birthday soon. Although I have very little time to write and publish articles, the site enjoys some popularity. I regularly receive letters from other people with only positive feedback. I did not think that the topic of historical wargaming after a long period of decline in German-speaking countries is again enjoying growing popularity. Thanks to my contributions, I met a lot of nice people from all over the German-speaking area and I am glad that I could give something positive to the people and make a tiny contribution to their hobby.

In return, I receive valuable tips and contributions from them or will be pointed to other valuable content. The citadel is so unique in German-speaking because it actually deals exclusively with a historical era. Maybe that’s why she is very interesting for a lot of people. I’m really happy about the many positive messages to me and about the content and tips sent to me (painting, game systems, other WordPress sites, …) that have enriched my hobby life.

What surprised me a little that, although I have received many German-speaking contacts thereby, the largest part of my readers come from the English-speaking area – although the site contained so far only contributions in German.

Since I have been asked again and again for some time if I could not write the articles in English, I decided to do that. Except for one exception of a colleague, who in the United Kingdom u.a. studied German (Greetings to South Essex), had the readers from the English-speaking area (most from the UK and the US, but also from Brazil and Argentina) previously copy my articles and translate with google – which does not seem to always work so optimally seems 🙂

That’s why I decided to publish in German and English in the future. 🙂

So this article will be the first bilingual article.


Is that really necessary?

The citadel reflects my hobby interests again. It makes me happy that I have found many hobby colleagues in the German-speaking area as well as in the English-speaking area and that the site now has an „international readership“.

I’m especially happy that I got to know really correct and reliable friends through the site with whom I can regularly play my favorite games (Black Powder, Bolt Action, Muskets, and Tomahawks).

When I received the first request for clarification of a translation (the sentence made little sense by Google into English) I did not think so. Over time, however, this request piled up. People found the page from „neat“ to „awesome“ to „fantastic.“ And people often had a problem understanding my texts translated electronically …

Since I meanwhile have buddies, friends and readers from the West Coast of the USA, British Columbia, the East Coast of the USA, Brazil, Argentina via Europe (mainly from the United Kingdom) to Australia, I have decided to publish in English in the future , And honestly, I’m looking forward to it! Especially from these buddies and friends, I have received a lot of useful and much encouragement. Why exclude them artificially?

Many thanks

Many thanks to all the readers for the good letters, although in 2017 I published almost nothing. In 2018 I will try to find more time for the citadel again. What I will publish, I will publish in both languages!

Thank you also for the good content which was sent to me.

To the friends, buddies, and colleagues on site: Sorry that in 2017 I had almost no time to publish articles. Thank you very much for the many good hours and days at the gaming table in real life.

On a good and new successful and pleasant hobby year 2018!


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