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The Eighteenth Century with Black Powder

20. August 2018

Black Powder covers scenarios spanning over 200 years. The expansion volumes for Black Powder therefore provide not only tons of background material, scenarios and army lists, but also the respective special rules and rule modifications that characterize the respective epoch ...

Black Powder: The Last Argument of Kings

5. Februar 2018

For the hobby of wargaming, there are few periods that offer such a variety of possible conflicts, armies, and scenarios as the Eighteenth Century. It's good that Warlord Games has released the Black Powder Supplement The Last Arguments of Kings for this historically interesting and exciting era of the Horse and Musketeer era ...

The citadel is bilingual

28. Januar 2018

What surprised me a little that, although I have received many German-speaking contacts thereby, the largest part of my readers come from the English-speaking area - although the site contained so far only contributions in German ...